spas comercialProtect your Investment with a Spa by Paradise Pools

Hot Tubs
Since ancient times, people have sought the soothing effect of warm bodies of water. Your guests will appreciate the beauty and enjoyment a custom hydrotherapy hot tub offers.

Paradise Pools can custom design and manufacture commercial spas to suit all applications. We work closely with architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and owners to develop each unique design.
Your guests want to be pampered, and enjoy a relaxing experience at your resort. A spa is a natural extension of the pool area, providing a serene environment. Every Paradise Pools spa is designed to blend with the ambiance of the hotel’s theme.

Steam Rooms and Saunas
Your resort guests expect and deserve a luxurious vacation. Create a resort spa that will give them an experience to remember with a customized steam room or sauna.

Paradise Pools builds traditional wood saunas, with either electric or wood-burning heaters. Our building materials allow for the predominantly dry heat with interior temperatures reaching up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our steam rooms use a steam generator, and are built with a slanted ceiling and tile walls to provide for moist heat with temperatures of around 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both men and women enjoy spas, a place to be pampered, and enjoy the sensation of intense rest and relaxation.